ezPayPal Shop

This is an auto-generated page by Easy PayPal Plugin. It displays the products you have defined in a neat table format, which allows your potential buyers to purchase them.

Whether you display this page or not, you should not delete it. This page is the target to which PayPal will send the information about your purchases. It is the PayPal Listener and the plugin will not work if it is not reachabe at https://www.bodynv.tv/ez-shop. Please click to verify.

If the shop page https://www.bodynv.tv/ez-shop) is not reachable, please enable a permalink structure for your blog. Any structure (other than the ugly default structure using ?p=) will do.

Note that you can create your own shop pages using the shortcodes. For example, each product can be displayed as a Buy Now using the shortcode format [[ezshop buy='product_code']Buy Now[/ezshop]]. This will insert a link, which when clicked, will take your reader to a PayPal page to buy the product.

The ez-shop page is not meant to be a public page. It is a page needed for the plugin to receive messages from PayPal and handle them. It is also a quick page to show you that the plugin is working. Please create a pretty page with links using short codes.

If you decide to edit this page, please do not delete the [[ezshop]] line below this line.


Beyond Your Limits

What's up NV Nation! Let us know how awesome you are and we might post it on our social media.
Simply follow these 3 steps:

  • Upload your picture and type your first name and last initial.
  • Pick one example of how many repetitions you went beyond your perceived limits while doing a BODYNV.TV workout. For example, "[37 Box Jump Burpees]" beyond what I thought were my limits.
  • Watch our social media and look for your picture. Your discipline and hard work is needed to motivate and inspire many thousands of followers.

beyond what I thought were my limits.