In this video, he does 5 sets of 20 Decline Sit-Ups with the medicine ball. Next, he does 5 sets of 20 Leg Presses. Finally, he finishes off with 5 sets of 10 Abdominal Leg Lifts. Nav-Vii is an advocate for not resting between exercises, which makes it much more difficult than traditional workouts. The high intensity aspects of his workouts rival the most intense interval training you will ever do! The style of Nav-Vii’s workout program is sure to challenge even the most dedicated.

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Beyond Your Limits

What's up NV Nation! Let us know how awesome you are and we might post it on our social media.
Simply follow these 3 steps:

  • Upload your picture and type your first name and last initial.
  • Pick one example of how many repetitions you went beyond your perceived limits while doing a BODYNV.TV workout. For example, "[37 Box Jump Burpees]" beyond what I thought were my limits.
  • Watch our social media and look for your picture. Your discipline and hard work is needed to motivate and inspire many thousands of followers.

beyond what I thought were my limits.